The Story of Firesteed

From the moment we began making wine in 1993; we have been dedicated to producing premium quality varietal wines in Oregon at affordable prices. Although Firesteed started small, we’ve enjoyed steady growth, great reviews and the gratifying loyalty of our customers and business partners, all thanks to the consistent quality and value of our wines.

Consistent quality is not always easy to achieve because winemaking is a timeless, mysterious and romantic undertaking, full of unpredictability and challenges. Over the years, we have learned to appreciate and work with the forces of nature, adjusting to the changing cycles of the sun and rain and the fertility of the soil in order to create varietals and blends that are wonderful in youth and often become better with every passing year.

Our first ten years of hard work, perseverance and patience were rewarded in 2002 when we moved into the Firesteed Winery and Tasting Room in Rickreall, Oregon. We invite you to visit us, tour our vineyards and taste our wines surrounded by the legendary beauty of Oregon’s Willamette Valley wine country. You’ll find us about an hour’s drive from Portland, just 13 miles west of Salem and 2 miles north of the intersection of Pacific Highway (99W) and Highway 22.


Firesteed’s winery and estate vineyards are certified by Oregon LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology), the first sustainability program in the US to be certified by the International Office of Biological Control (IOBC). LIVE has also expanded its environmental protection rules to comply with the Salmon Safe certification that encourages farming practices designed to restore and protect streams and rivers.

We also follow Oregon’s strict wine-labeling regulations, which require the highest levels of honesty and integrity for wine labeling in the US.

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