Howard Rossbach

HOWARD ROSSBACH   President/Founder

Howard first fell in love with the world of wine when, as an undergraduate in Botany at the University of Washington, he took a part-time job as a clerk in a wine shop. From that moment on, he never looked back. He’s been in the wine business since 1975 and in that time he has moved gradually but steadily from retail sales to ownership of a successful winery and vineyards in the heart of the celebrated wine country of Oregon.

As head coach of the small but exceptionally hardworking team that produces, promotes and distributes Firesteed wines, Howard is in charge of the big picture. He guides and shapes the company vision by defining our mission and making sure that our key employees have the tools that they need to do their jobs. He’s also on the road as the chief ambassador for our products, helping our existing and our new customers find exactly what their looking for in our impressive line-up of extraordinary wines.

When he isn’t dreaming, thinking or talking about Firesteed Cellars, Howard enjoys fly-fishing, skiing, playing golf, and foraging for mushrooms. But anyone who knows him will tell you that he’s probably dreaming, thinking or talking about Firesteed Cellars while he’s doing all of those things anyway.

“My mission is to create wines that possess the ideal combination of quality, artistry and value. I love beautiful food and wine. But excellence doesn't have to be exquisite and expensive; it can also be unpretentious, uncomplicated and approachable. When I’m on the road introducing the world to our wines, I’m always surprised and delighted to discover how well they work with a wide variety of simple and sophisticated cuisines around the globe.”